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Local SEO

Increase local foot traffic to your business!

What Is Local SEO?

Do you want to gain the interest of local customers and clients? You still need SEO. However, gaining local users requires a special form of Local SEO. At Stash Media Group, we are experts in this service, providing the solution you need to get the results you want.

What Is Local SEO?

54% of online users search for a local business at least once a month.

50% of users who complete a search like this will visit a local business on the same day!

They want to find your company. You just need to help them do it. A variety of tools can help here including Google Business. With Google My Business, you can use the search engine as a digital address book and make sure your company comes up when users search for a local company offering the service they need.

For this to be effective, your Google My Business (GMB) page needs to be correctly optimized. We will do this for you and make sure it provides the leads you need.

We will optimize every area of your local business profile and put you on the map.

Website Optimization

As well as optimizing GMB we will make sure that your website is optimized to provide the local information local users and search engines want to see.

We can also provide outreach services and press relations to shine the spotlight on your business and get the best possible links, building up a successful local campaign.

If you are marketing to local customers, you need local SEO.

Contact us today, and you won’t miss the chance to get more clients visiting your brick and mortar location.