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Google My Business

Increase local foot traffic to your business!

A San Antonio Based SEO Agency Delivering BIG Results

Having a strong online presence is integral to the success of your business. With nearly 90% of consumers searching online to find local businesses, it’s never been more important to achieve major visibility on the internet.

The first thing a potential customer will see when they search for a local business is their Google My Business (GMB) page.

Is your GMB correctly optimized to drive traffic to your website and more sales opportunities to your business?

If not, the professionals at Stash Media Group would like to assist you today.

What is a GMB Page?

Your GMB page effectively serves as your first point-of-sale. If your car breaks down because of a flat tire on the road and you need to find a nearby tire company, the first thing you’ll likely do is conduct a local search for one.

From there, several map listings will pop up of nearby tire companies. Clicking a listing will display a GMB page.

The GMB page will list helpful and valuable information to you, such as business hours, reviews, the physical address, website, and a phone number.

In the end, you will use the information on the GMB page to contact the tire company and eventually make a purchase.

Why Optimize My GMB Page?

To “optimize” a GMB page means to input valuable information on this profile to assist your leads through your sales funnel.

For this reason, GMB optimization services are critical to your business for the following reasons:

  • These services increase your visibility during local search.
  • It also leads to a more satisfying shopping experience for buyers.
  • It drives meaningful traffic to your website, social network profiles, and your front door.

An optimized GMB page is the gateway to improving the revenue of your business. At Stash Media Group, we offer both detailed and accurate GMB optimization services to help your business thrive online.

Our GMB Optimization Services

At Stash Media Group, we provide a wide array of GMB optimization services for your business.

The following services are aimed to help your business grow through Google My Business, as well as improve your ROI.

  • Regular Photo Updates – Our team will add an optimized photo to your page on a regular basis to give potential customers a glimpse of how you do business.
  • Regular Google Posts – We will add fresh content to your GMB page regularly.
  • Instant Review Responses – You can expect a response to every review you receive, positive or negative.
  • Local Rank Tracking – Receive helpful insights and track your GMB ranking in the map pack.
  • Local Call Tracking – All calls derived from your GMB will be collected and tracked to create new sales opportunities.
  • Local Citations – All of your online directory listings will contain accurate business information that will reflect your GMB page.
  • Monthly Reports – Monitor your ROI by tracking the progress of your GMB listing.

Got Any Questions?

Do you have a question about your GMB page or our services in general? These FAQs will broaden your understanding of both topics.

How much does Google My Business cost?

  • It’s completely free, and you can create your profile at any time.

If I already have a GMB page, why would I need these services?

  • While Google My Business is free, it requires time and a specialized approach from a professional to net any positive results. Working with Stash Media Group requires less of your time, while you allow us to improve your visibility and growth through your GMB page.

What are the features of these services?

  • Working with us means that you can enjoy the ongoing optimization of your Google My Business page with all of the information potential customers need to do business with you. We also provide cutting-edge call and rank tracking to locate leads in real-time to make a conversion. Our citation and review response features will help your brand become a powerhouse online. You can count on our team of 20+ account managers to execute these services effectively on your behalf.

How much do these services cost?

  • Our GMB optimization services incur a flat monthly rate, with additional charges being related to your phone service provider. Every campaign is different, so to understand the exact pricing of your campaign, give us a call at (210) 819-4726. 


Your GMB is often the precursor to any website or phone transaction. Make sure your page sparkles to boost your company’s sales.

Give us a call at (210) 819-4726 to learn more or get started.