These days anyone can setup a website with free resources on the World Wide Web. Have you heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”? We’re sure you have, and for that reason we build engaging websites with your brand in mind. Our custom websites cater to your brand and communicate established messaging to your intended audience. Our designs help to convert online users into actual paying customers.

Responsive Web Design

Consumers are rapidly turning towards handheld and portable devices for their online experiences. Especially here in the San Antonio area, smartphones are prevalent. Providing visitors with responsive, fluid websites and apps improves the likelihood of conversion and improves overall brand perception.


Building robust web platforms that not only attract customers, but keeps them wanting to come back for more takes some serious internal engineering. As we all know, not only does what on the outside count…but it’s the inside that matters the most. We develop adaptable, responsive websites that are customized to fit your needs. What we provide “under the hood” are robust lines of code with longevity in mind. It’s our business to ensure your web presence can withstand the growth your company deserves.

Our Approach

Stash Media Group uses state of the art planning, design, and development to produce your responsive website. Our goal is to insure that your website visitors have a consistent and user friendly experience whether they are viewing your site on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Business Benefits

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Customers want to get information on the mobile or desktop device of their preference; responsive site design removes this frustration.
  • Increased Conversion – To convert a lead to a customer, websites must offer features that are easy to use independent of the device they are using.
  • Enhanced Branding – Mobile web usage is slated to overtake desktop by 2015. Ensuring positive first perceptions from this market solidifies your innovative brand
  • Increased Engagement – Responsive design offer your clients the flexibility to view your website on the device that they wish.
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