Point A is the idea. Point B is the final deliverable. Strategy is the road map that we will help you create. We discuss with you your idea, discuss your target audience, timeframe, desired goals and conversion rates, and plot out the entire approach from start to finish, with as much detail as possible. After all, without a specific goal in mind and a specific road map, the goal can’t possibly be achieved. The tools we use to create the road map are:

Market Research

Do you know your ideal customer? Do you know where he or she lives? Do you know why they might be interested in your product or brand? We can help you find your target persona and measure the expanse and growth of your market, which can help us develop a sound brand for you and get you noticed.

Competition Analysis

Not only do you need to know your desired customer, but you also need to know who else is in the race for that customer’s business. We can help you understand your direct and indirect competition on the internet so your brand can stand out.


We drill down to find the very best solution. Better conversion rates don’t always involve a surface adjustment like SEO word density or changing keywords. We work with our technical team to find all the ways, in which your plan can be improved from updating page speeds, to changing a landing page. We look to optimize everything about your digital footprint to maximize your effectiveness and conversion rates.

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